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Industry Data Products

We have sourced thousands of data-points for different products related to power and energy sector

  • Fuel Price Data
  • Cost of Generation 
  • Economic Merit Order 
  • Avg. Power Sales Price
  • Fuel Adjustment Price
  • Primary Energy Supplies
  • Final Energy Consumption
  • Sector-wise breakdown
  • Installed Power Capacity
  • Sector-wise Capacity breakdown
  • Monthly System Peak Load
  • Historical Power Demand Pattern 
  • Hydel Capacity Variation
  • Type-wise Capacity breakdown
  • Annual Power Generation
  • Sector-Wise Generation Breakdown
  • Penetration of Generation Type
  • Thermal Power Generation Breakdwon
  • National Transmission Circuit Length
  • Province-Wise Transmission Network 
  • Transmission Level Grid Station Data
  • Transmission System Outage Data
  • Transmission Network Reliability Data
  • Electrification Data
  • Consumer Data
  • Peak Demand by DISCOs
  • DISCOs Losses 
  • DISOCs Recovery Data 
  • Consumption by Economic Groups
  • Distribution Network Reliability Data
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Pakistan's energy needs rely heavily on locally produced and imported crude oil. COVID-19 caused a huge decline in local oil demand in 2020 following an economic downturn, but as the economy rebounds there is an uptick in demand for oil as well. With historically high global oil prices, the import bill for Pakistan saw a significant increase for 2021 and 2022.

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Natural Gas

Natural gas is one of the major energy source for economic growth of Pakistan. Its' usage span across all economic sectors including transportation, industrial, residential and power generation. Power generation based on natural gas has seen significant growth during recent times, as unit production cost of furnace oil based power plants is high. 

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Local and imported coal continues to make up significant portion of power generation in Pakistan. Development efforts in the region of Thar located in Sindh has lead to more introduction of indigenous-coal based thermal plants. Imports are typically dominated by Anglo-African nations including South Africa, Indonesia and Australia. 

Time Series Data Products

Monthly data numbers available for different energy products.

Monthly electricity generation data, ranging from July 2003 to March 2022.

Indegenious crude oil monthly production numbers in Pakistan from July 2003 to December 2021.

Monthly indegenious natural gas production data, ranging from July 2003 to December 2021.

Monthly local coal production numbers, spanning from July 2003 to December 2021.


Thermal Power Plants

Consists private and public sector thermal plants located in Pakistan. 

Conventional Thermal Plants

Bagasse - Thermal Plants

Coal Fired - Thermal Plants

Solid Waste - Thermal Plants

Non-Thermal Power Plants

Consists of non-thermal power plants located in Pakistan, run by IPPs, WAPDA and PAEC.

Solar Power Plants

Wind Farms

Hydel Power Plants

Nuclear Plants

Oil Market 

Domestic oil map comprising of 24 depot locations, along with national refineries and terminals. 

Oil Depots

Oil Refineries


Power Distribution Networks

Region of operations for each DISCO and KESC across the country. 

DISCOs Region of Operation

KESC Region of Operation

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